Adblock resource

I working on Brave Shield, I modifying the AdBlock resource to add some of my rules to block ads.
I create a new uuid, I also create component_id and public key for my filter. I add this filter into regional_catalog.json file in “User Data\gkboaolpopklhgplhaaiboijnklogmbc\1.x.x” folder of Brave. But my filter is not working because invalid component id and public key.
Can anyone share with me the mechanism that Brave Shields check the component ID and public key of the filter?

I tried to perform as a link: But I don’t understand: " This file should be uploaded as a secret to Brave’s Extension Developers vault in 1Password. Once it is uploaded, devops will also need to sync it the with Jenkins so that it can be used to build the component."

Thanks so much

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