Adblock detected admavenjs

Hello, this website detected brave adblock

it was redirecting to the url but now seems detected and keeps reloading,what i can do?


This is a scam site. Do not use, unless you want to be infected.

is not a sacam, is a url “shortener” but with ublock or brave adblock you get redirected instatly without download or register on this offers… but now its patched when you use brave or ublock it keeps reloading.

With no adblocker enabled, though this could also forward to other pages. Its still a scam site.

i cant show you how it works, because now is patched, this site is just a monetized url shortener from ad-maven advertising network it uses a lot of diferent domains, other projects also bypass it, but now they patched.

take a look:

look, a guy made a script that bypass it.