Adblock blocks page loads using mobile agent on, also long delays when using desktop agent


Galaxy S8+ model SM-G955U1
Android 8.0.0, SM-G955U1 Build/R16NW
Brave 1.0.52, Chromium 67.0.3396.87

When playing games at or in mobile agent mode, adblock prevents the pages from loading, icon just spins indefinitely. Have to turn adblock off and wait for ads to load in order to proceed, which also burns up data unnecessarily.

When using the desktop mode, adblock seems to work better, but still have to wait for long delays when video ads are blocked, instead of jumping straight to loading the next page.

Adblock worked great when I first discovered Brave, but these problems started back in April, when pch started making changes to their site.

Your attention to this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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