Adaptative icon for Android 8.0 Oreo


I would like to ask to include adaptative icons for Android 8.0 Oreo in the Brave app, as now they are missing and the app icon looks borderless while updated apps look with a background icon more like in iOS.

Is it planned to include an adaptive icon? It is something simple, outside the core functionality of the app.There is more info in the Google documentation:

The icon can just be the same as in iOS, that one which was suggested here: Updating Brave app icon with white background


This is how I see the Brave browser app in my smartphone with Andorid 8.0 (1st picture) and how it should be in order to fit the design guidelines of Android 8.0 and the other apps that are already updated (2nd picture):


cc @Serg and @LaurenWags


We have a request logged for this, it can be tracked here:

I have added a +1 to it :slight_smile:


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