Ad revenue should increase

I know the reward for per ad in brave is decreased from 0.100 bat to 0.010
And it’s been so long that it is continuing in 0.010 only
Even thought the ads campaign are increased in india as well as all other countries the ad revenue should also increase a little bit…
0.050 is also good or atleast try to give 0.025 bat for per ad

Plzzz look at this

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i support you bro, very small amount is given to some asian countries like india(i’m from)

@Sss107 @sams2210 ad value is vary for each ads. Depends on the advertisers when they set-up their campaign. So you’ll see some ads give more BAT and others less.

But the one thing that never change is you get 70% of the revenue share.

This will be solved when more advertisers targeting your country = more ads = more chance to earn more BAT.

It’s true I’m new user of browser, but for instant, since the 27th of February, each ad I’ve seen earn 0,010 BAT. Others paid more ? :thinking:


@Mysteryo :point_up: I’m pretty sure this is clear enough.

If you not see a higher ad value, maybe because there’s no ad campaigns running for your country that have a higher value.

Brave Ads ecosystem is still growing. :man_shrugging:t2:

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It was just a question, I didn’t know ad value could increase or decrease. :slight_smile:
In France it’s often 0.010 BAT.

Sometimes i get 0.025 bat. I think 0.100 bat per ad is too much considering the rise of bat in price.

How comes mobile brave browser gets very few adverts.

I never get 0.025
If we get 0.025 is good
0.010 is really low and also ads are very limited

You can see how much ads campain you recive in your region and how much you get paid for each one here

Example :

The most complicated thing is to have the notification. :smiley:


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