Ad notifications received 0

why i cant receive ads i already have the dev browser??

@packard1 Did you enable the rewards ? If not, can you please enable the rewards and open site which has ads for e.g Open keep the page idle for 15 seconds and then move the mouse to become unidle. You shuld be able to see Ads notifications.

If you have follwed the above steps, still you are not getting Ads. Please revert back with brave version info.


First, thanks for trying out the Ads preview!

If the algorithm does not think any ad is worth showing you, or that there were no opportune moments to display an ad, then you will not see an ad.

Here are a few other things you may want to check on/consider:

  • Ads are currently viewable to users in the the US, the UK, Canada, France and Germany. If you device is localized to a someplace outside of these locales, you may not be able to see ads reliably, if at all.

  • You may have gone through all the ads in the test catalog available to users in your region at this stage. For example, there may be more ads available to users whose devices are localized for the U.S., vs. users whose devices are localized for Germany.

  • If you’re on PC, check your Focus Assist settings. On Mac, check your Notification Settings.

  • If you’re on Windows 7, you will not see ads.

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