Ad notifications counter resets after changing Max number of Ads per hour (MACOSX)

I watched my “Ad notifications received this month” reset from 128 to 1 after switching from the default “Max ads per hour” to 5. I thought it was a glitch, or a server issue, but after switching back to 2 per hour from 5; the 16 ads that I accumulated have dropped down to 1 again.

I have not tried this on my windows machine, but I can keep replicating it on my Macbook pro.

OSX 10.12.6
Brave v 0.66.99

Hi @projectileobjects, sorry for any confusion here, this may be related to a recent change on how that display works. That counter currently resets to the month boundaries, and it was a recent change. Can you confirm that your “estimated pending rewards” did not go down? If so, everything should be fine in terms of the rewards you are earning.

I appreciate your response, but I just claimed the pay out and after viewing what was over 160+ ads this month, the payout was ~4 BAT. Last month it was over 10 BAT I only had 16 ads served. It doesn’t make sense.

This is a bug and a problem.

Hi @projectileobjects, so, a couple of things here. First, different advertisers and different campaigns set different amounts they are willing to spend per view. But amounts of around 0.05 BAT-0.25BAT per view are common. Second, in some prior months, we have bonused ad earnings to provide extra rewards for participation, so users might have seen more BAT despite limited ad views.

Perhaps if you can DM me what you have on your brave://rewards-internals page, I can look things up and make sure everything is square? Thanks.

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