Ad Notification changes OLED burn in!

I have noticed that the adds are coming up in the top right corner now. I do prefer them where they where coming up at since other notifications came in there too. I use to look at them now I just dont see them. But the reason I am taking the time to write this to inform the developers that it is not a good way to show ads and unsafe. With the old ad setup; An ad popped up I saw it, then: open it and saw the contents of the ad, closed it and did not see the contents, or if I was not a round for a few minutes it left the screen on its own. I feel like I seen 90% of the ads and very few closed on their own, but I found that to be nice that they did. Now the ad shows up and stays. And what is even worst is that if I have the browser minimized the add will still show up in the top right corner of the screen on my desktop. It is this ad showing up in this manner I find unsafe. I use an OLED screen which people say can get burn in. I have been using them for about 2 years and never had an issue un till your ad change came along. I take steps to reduce static images. I have a black back ground and my task bar and curser disappear when not being used. Well the other night I left the computer on and minimized the browser to my black screen desktop and left the room. only to come back (no telling how long many hours) to a ad sitting on the desktop. On a screen that runs HDR it boosted the brightness of the ad box. The first thing I though of was the ads that ran off of virus in the early 2000’s were they just start showing up all on the screen. So I very upset to find out that this came from Brave. This add caused some burn in. The burn in stayed for a little bit, but seems to be gone. Very not cool of the way the ads work now. This is something that made me question wanting to use Brave. Brave went from being something I felt was great. To being reduced as being seen as a cheap ad pop up from a virus. If there is a something I can do on my end to make them auto disappear I would love to know if not it should be fixed to not be as obtrusive. And for people that have OLED screens.

Great point and thank you for bringing this up.
I believe that we have plans to adjust settings like this (among others) in the works. That said, as it is right now, there is a timer on these – Brave Ad notifications should dismiss themselves 2mins after being displayed.