Ad not blocked by adblocker


Hello everyone!

Is this a Brave ad or an ad that has slipped out of Brave’s hands?





Hi @KetaKongen,

First, Brave ads is not available yet. It’s on trials now for selected volunteers and it requires a special build of Brave.

Then, it may 1st party ads that not blocked by Brave, yet.

I’m AFK for now, but I tested it on Android version and I see no ads. Will check again later when I’m in front off my laptop.



Hello @eljuno,

Alrighty, I saw something about that, but weren’t certain on anything.
Thanks for that.

It may…
I’ll wait for your update, then. :slight_smile:



Hi again @KetaKongen,

It think it does 1st party ads . But let me cc @Mattches @luke.mulks to make sure on this.


Aight. I just don’t wanna see it. :smiley:



The ad in question doesn’t seem to be 1st party.

Additionally, I don’t see it! :slight_smile:

@KetaKongen, would you mind navigating back to the website, opening your shields panel (lion icon on top right) and confirm that Ad Control is set to Block Ads? I’ve added a screenshot below to verify.


Hmm… This one in side bar

And at the end of articles. Both have Sponsored title



To me it appear at the right hand side and its written “sponsered” at the bottom of each of those ads.


Brave: 0.23.79
rev: 51b49051a779f0db94fbcfd0df5faca781299ea0
Muon: 8.0.7
OS Release: 10.0.17134
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 68.0.3440.84


v0.23.79 since when? :open_mouth:


@KetaKongen new version just released. :sweat_smile:


I just noticed that. There must have been a delay or something.

Thanks anyways!


Thanks for all the hard work in building browser. Uh, On another Linux Forum (in the Security section) I asked if others had tried the using Brave Browser. Someone replied that as GitHub is now owned by Microsoft (M$) that they did not trust the download.

I have not got it to install to Mint Linux 19 Cinnamon. I will figure it out after awhile.


I see their worries, and Brave should too.
Though, it’s their decision in the end.

I’d recommend Tails OS for your selection of a Linux-based system.
Just in case, you’re a privacy-minded person. :slight_smile:


Someone replied that as GitHub is now owned by Microsoft (M$) that they did not trust the download.


What they can do is actually download the source code (rather than the build), and then compile/build the browser themselves from the source code on their computer. That way, they can verify that they’re really running the source code that they see on GitHub!


I should have put this somewhere else, and at some other time.


I’m not sure if the folks using Linux here are using Snap, but there was a point in time about a month ago where we fell behind updating Snaps. This might be one of the reasons why some Linux folks weren’t seeing the latest versions. We’ve improved our release process and Snaps will be updated right away once a new release is pushed. Apologies to our Linux users!


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