Ad not appearing

ever since i downloaded brave ad is not appearing i tried fixing my notification settings but still nothing happens, but in my mobile brave ad is appearing. I need help

Hello @ohdudez23. Go to windows notifications and control if Brave notifications are “on”. See screenshot:

i can’t find brave on the settings and i don’t know how to add brave in it.

No problem. Run this simple tool and do a control again:

i don’t know what to do.

I think i got it brave is in my notification now. Thank you for the help rolak appreciate it very much.

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Did you receive some ads?

no not yet i’m still waiting for the ads to appear

Ok. Hope the best for you. :slight_smile:

i hope so too. Thanks

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Pleasure to help. :sweat_smile:

if the website ask for notification do i need to allow it? for the ads to appear?

We are blocking some website notifications, because of privacy and annoyances. Website Notifications aren’t ads, but have privacy issues.

If you are talking about the ads which give BAT no need for permission. Those are allowed by default. If want, click on the ad to see the content. If not click close and you will have again the BAT.

I still haven’t receiving any ads.

Hello @ohdudez23. For more see this post of the team: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

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