Ad Logs Disappeared and Payment Date Postponed to Jan 5

Hello, please can any clarifications be made on why my Ad notifications received this month has reset to zero (0)? Payment of 105+ Ads received has also reset and the payment date has been postponed to January 5, 2021 instead of December 5, 2020. If you have any idea, your help is welcome. Thanks.

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That’s because we’re entering the payout period for this round of ads. Users are paid out on the 5th of each month for the BAT earned from the previous month. So on December 5th, you should see the earnings you had from November go into your wallet – then the dates switching over indicate the next payout date.


Okay, noted but ever since then I haven’t had a single Ad popup. What do you think is wrong Sir?
EA BAT issue

This could be for any number of reasons – please realize that ad campaigns, frequencies, availability, etc. all very by region and law. So you may have seen the max number of ads available to you at this time. Or, perhaps there are no ads you haven’t seen that are relevant to you.

Again, the point of the system is not to “just show you some ads” – its to find an appropriately matched ad from a specific list of available ads and serve that ad if it’s relevant to you.

@Mattches Sir, I think the problem we want to raise is that sometimes the total estimated bat will experience some kind of error, ex: last check we got total estimated 10 bat, then suddenly will changed to lower value ex: 2bat. And for some.reason it will changed to its original value. Perhaps some glitch or ads server error(if there’s any?)

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