Ad cycle or bug?

Mentioned this before, Get regular ads on 1 browser but the other 2 I have don’t show ads till after 12 now and then I get say a couple of hours of ads on 1 of the other 2 and nothing till mid afternoon for the other one. If it comes down to no active campaigns shouldn’t all the browsers be the same?

[Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

@Mattches would you mind taking a look when you have a sec? Thanks in advance!

When you say “one browser gets x and another browser gets y”, are you referring to browsers on the same or on separate devices?

Hi, browsers are on separate machines. One of the browser did show 1 ad no more at about 2pm then nothing for a couple of hours. At the moment of writing 09:28am I’ve only got 1 ad on my main computer today, time now 12, the other 2 won’t show anything till after 12 and then it’s pretty random. Total of ads yesterday on 2 browsers was 5 on each compared to 11 on my main computer, use all 3 the same on average.

The ads I’m getting are basically from the same groups BlockFi, Nexos and the like, I would of thought if 1 machine was getting ads the others would too, saying they are all in the same location.

14:57 Had nothing since the 1 on my main comp…sorry just got one on my main comp and one of the other computers.

15:51 Third computer just popped up its first ad

mee too . i live in taiwan

I think I’m still confused – what exactly is the issue?

What you’ve described seems like the intended behavior for me. You won’t ever know the exact number of Ads you’re going to get each day. There may be sometimes where you don’t really see any – there may be times where you see a ton. Remember, as it says on one of our FAQs

I’m not expecting a lot of ads, I know about that, today has been terrible for ads, does the browsers detect other browsers on my network? wouldn’t the other browser on other machines also show an ad a round the same time?

No – ads are not “synced” in this way and they don’t fire off at the same rate even if they’re on the same network or on the same device.

Oh ok, thank you. Any help with the DM I sent you?

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