Ad Company Is Directing Focus Against Brave

I don’t want to link to the website and give them more coverage; however, I think the Brave Team should be aware. The company claims they can circumvent ad and script blocking (although their public demos failed when I turned on my script blocker). I can divulge more information if the team would like to investigate this.

It could be a bunch of hot air, but just to be safe I want to ensure the Brave Team knows about it. I love the Brave Browser and the team’s efforts. Thanks for making the Internet a better place.

Can you DM me the website link? (I am not affiliated with brave)

Thease network bypass brave. .

But don’t warry. They are not more than scam…
They did not survive… There rules always change. That impact their groth… See static data in charts.
They are just trying to sell their token to monkeys…