Ad blocking test on the same site. Ublock origin vs brave


This is what the site looks like when I enter Brave. I accidentally turned off one or two ads, normally one of the ads was closing the entire page.

This is the site I opened with Ublock Origin. Zero ad.

In the half of the sites I’ve entered with Brave, the ad blockers do not work well enough. All the shields are open.


Yes, Ublock Origin is crucial because of its superior adblocking AND its functionality that allows right clicking on, and blocking, any page element.


uBlock origin is a must, I can’t use Brave as anything other than an experiment until this gets taken care of.

The bigger question is: If the ad blocking is this leaky, how bad is the security package?


Hi @Bakicazneolacak @EricBrooks @ironic.keyboard please remember that Brave not block 1st-party ads and implement cosmetic blocking yet. That’s why you’ll still see some 1st party ads and empty space for blocked ads.

In the future, user will have that functionality. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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