Ad Blocking - Relevant {possibly important} feedback for your {Brave} possible further development


(just my opinion)

  • as education increases i think the problem with a ‘shields up / shields down’ simplified solution could become apparent, this type of ‘advert’ i always found a little ‘creepy’ as it pertained to ‘virus protectors’ etc.

here is the present problem:

  • there is a script in the Brave Ad block that is preventing (presently) ‘Youtube’ (and some other sites) from letting me access notifications {and doing other funky things} but it’s only doing it intermittently.

  • so to be clearer i open a page (say YouTube) if i turn off blocking i can get notification back (no promts) if i then turn it on again i can still get notifications (no promts) but then (probably when the script time refresh) the ad block will again prevent notifications from arriving - (very frustrating)

The likely solution

  • i have seen other ad blockers list and allow a user to ‘approve’ or ‘block’ different ads and scripts in ‘real time’ as the site loads - maybe your {Brave} solution could be just to keep doing what you are doing but in the ‘advanced’ section allow users to review what was blocked for that domain, and then say for example {to make it obvious} in my case if i go to ‘advanced’ and see:

{ ‘’} is being blocked then if i allow it and get notification then - life becomes the theoretical utopian paradise that Earth was always meant to be.

your advantage

  • advantage 1 - users will be less likely to constantly write the same message like ‘this page doesn’t work please help’ = less workload.

  • advantage 2 - at a point of ‘not working’ users will stop using your platform, because they don’t know what to do. if the only option is ‘block ads but some of my pages don’t work’ OR ‘don’t block ads’ this i have cleverly dubbed the ‘flexibility paradox!’ {book on the way!} {it’s not that’s a joke}

  • advantage 2(a) - As sites add more viruses and malware if you let individuals discern which malware they want and which they don’t you {Brave} won’t be the centralized point of ‘failure’ at which a page becomes unstable and collapses under it’s own malware.

  • advantage 3 - i haven’t thought of a 3rd advantage but you could look at it like the 4th dimension it’s out there but at this stage it’s theoretical.

disclaimer *

if by any chance everything i just talked about does indeed exist as options but i just didn’t find it due to obvious neglect then disregard.


Hey mate! Might wanna see this : A spam add preempting iPhone use

Haven’t had any response from any devs from this topic.

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