Ad Blocking Pandora Radio



I use Pandora Radio frequently and I have noticed that Brave appears to block some ads but not all. I am new to Brave and I am wondering if there are any settings I should try or other changes to block all ads? Any feedback is appreciated!


Yes I’ve noticed in my very brief experience with Brave that I’m getting a Google add at the top of my search engine page.

That doesn’t happen in other browsers, & I’ve had years of experience using

This begs the question:

If we haven’t yet chosen to use the pay to block all advertising option in Brave, are we then being fed selective advertising?

I think that this is a very important question.


This is indeed a very important question. There should be an option in settings where you block all ads?

Anyway, would you mind adding a screenshot of the add? I was on startpage just now without any ads

I just had an idea, one feature Brave should ad is where one can select an ad/section on a page to block.


@fatboy Yep, here you go, I shrunk down the size of the fonts so you could see just how many Ggle adverts there are. I did the same search “volkswagen cars” in another browser & had no Ggle adverts as usual:

We really do need to understand the way this works, as I have been out there fighting for Brave in different forums, & I really do need to know what I’m talking about or I’ll loose credibility (apart from the fact I need to get rid of these adverts).


@fatboy You’ll get a kick out of this one… lol


cc @luke.mulks for answer. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Regarding this:

If we haven’t yet chosen to use the pay to block all advertising option in Brave, are we then being fed selective advertising?

Brave does not have, and will not have a “pay to block all” advertising option.

Brave is free. Brave blocks 3rd party ads and tracking by default. This is not changing. Any claims otherwise are false.

Brave does not block 1st party ads. For example, Google Search ads on Google Search. This may change, but is the current policy.

We have an issue open in Github for a feature to allow for element blocking, which will essentially allow users that want to block 1st party ads the option to do so.

Issue open for that here which you can track:

If is displaying 3rd party ads, then that is a legitimate issue we will investigate and work to resolve. I have been unable to repro on mobile, but will check desktop and open an issue if that is the case. Please confirm which browser and ad blocker was not displaying the ads as it will help with the investigation.

Regarding Pandora, can you please confirm if audio or display ads are appearing, and if the display ads are appearing, if they are Pandora branded ads or 3rd party ads.

I hope this helps, but let me know if there are any questions.


@luke.mulks Hi, thanks for your input.

I’ve used for over 6 years now as my prime search engine. It is extrememly unusual for me to use any other search engine. During that time I’ve used the following browsers & adblocking extensions/add-ons:

Firefox - adblock; adblock edge; ublock origin (all that I can remember).
Pale Moon - adblock latitude; ublock origin.
Vivaldi - ublock origin.
Slimjet - ublock origin.
IceCat - Spyblock.

I have NEVER seen a third party advert show up in the search results except when using Brave. (I’m sure that you are aware that uses the Google search engine - but protects the users privacy.)

Thanks for your time Luke.


When I search a random word on SP I get an ad on both Brave and Vivaldi.
Here’s the kicker:

Edit: I also get it on Palemoon (After disabling all my ad blockers) Oops haha


Thanks all!

I have opened the following issue to investigate Startpage, will be adding info from here along with additional details from the investigation.