Ad Blocking not working on


Not all Ads on Drudge Report are not being blocked. Top, right side, left side.

I could not find a thread to report sites where ad blocking is not working that was still open.


For me too.

I think this is an Adblock problem rather than a Brave problem.

Firefox with Adblock previously blocked those ads, and now does not. Same for Brave.


Thank you for reporting @prd .

cc @luke.mulks :slight_smile:


I did notice Adblock stopped working on Drudge about a week ago and found another one that would block it on firefox, Adaware Ad Block. But Firefox had gotten so slow, especially with this add on that a friend told me about Brave and I thought I would try it and it is much fast. So far I like it and hope they can block these ads.


Thanks everyone!

We have an issue open for this in github, which you can track progress from here:

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