Ad blocker stopped working


The Reuters news page is one of my favorites. It’s always been ad free. A few weeks ago ads started showing up - and with a vengeance. Most are sucker ads - the worst kind. My Brave ad blocker is not blocking them. What happened?


Hi @jbgood,

Please provide your Brave version and OS. Screenshot of the issue is helpful.



Thanks for responding. Windows 10 - latest update. Brave 0.23.79


This is a bug mate. This is how you can make sure the adblocking module runs to its best again:

Clear all the inBrowsing data like cookies, cache, browsing history, form fill data & rest from the beginning of time. Force stop the browser & boot it up again. You should be good to go!


This worked fine for a day or two. But then the ads returned. I’m wondering if Reuters inserts them as part of their web page or if some third party is adding them ? Just curious. Thanks. John


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