Ad blocker stopped working on EVERY WEBSITE


Operating system: android 7.0
Brave: 1.0.35
Shield settings:
block ads and trackers, on.
HTTPS Everywhere, on.
Block scripts, off
Block third party cookies, on
Finger printing protection, off.

What happened:

  1. Downloaded Brave
  2. Used Brave 1 week without issues
  3. Restarted phone because of a prank video labled “why does is this guy asking me who you are” an acquaintance sent that wouldn’t go away after playing it when trying to use facebook messenger
  4. Went to (A website I KNOW almost always has 2-3 minors ads/trackers)
  5. Saw an ad
  6. Checked shield settings
  7. Brave had 0 for all blocked tallies
  8. Restarted Brave
  9. Tried various websites with known trackers/ads, including Instagram, Twitter,
  10. Same results as number 7 for every single website

I’d include a screenshot, but Google seems to like to make me take a bunch of back channel on my phone to do it.


Hi @Incandesa

Are you still experiencing this issue?


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