Ad blocker didn't work on a site

There was a site I went to and ad blocker didn’t work on it. There was even a script on the site that said “[expletive]adblocker.js”. Is there something that can be done to fix this?

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Too bad you’re not showing the page.

As a solution an external adblocker (my recommendation: “uBlock Origin”) could help.

I myself also use an external adblocker, because on my last stand Brave was not (yet) able to remove every advertisement perfectly.

Forget it, use the Chrome Store for extensions. Brave is compatible.

I’m not sharing the page because it’s malicious (IE; bypassing ad blocker), however I can share the link to the script that’s supposedly the culprit for a developer to look at. My main goal was to bring awareness to this issue.

I shouldn’t have to use an external ad blocker for a browser dedicated to blocking ads. That kind of defeats the purpose of my post.

Because Brave takes care of advertising blocking, the browser is error-free when blocking advertising. Doesn’t really make sense, but it’s your thing.

And why is it important to you to have a malicious website supported?

Nothing is perfect, which is again why I am bringing this issue to light. So it can be patched and fixed.

This topic isn’t about a websites content. This topic is about a vulnerability within the software of websites that allows for ads to still appear despite the built in ad-blocker. The only ads that should appear are by Brave. With that being said any website can be considered “malicious” if there’s a vulnerability in it. Which is what I was referring to when I used the word “malicious”. So the context your question is using it in is not correct. Furthermore Brave is a browser dedicated to privacy, hence the TOR with private browsing option. What sites I choose to browse or disclose is my preference. This issue isn’t about the site(s) I visit or even the site itself. This is an issue about a vulnerability that appears on these sites that affects Brave Browser and potentially all users.

Lastly, If you are not an official Brave developer, an admin, or are not contributing to this post with any additional information on this issue such as your own personal experience then please refrain from responding. As I do not want to distract this post from a Dev or Moderator seeing it.

I think it’s funny how you first don’t even get the idea to constructively present the site, but then throw technical terms around you. Well, I keep myself out of this idiotic topic.

By the way, do you really think anyone from Brave can help you by reading “[expletive]adblocker.js” from your post? :laughing:

@AnimaterCreator @MediaBird,
This conversation is going nowhere. Constructive debate is welcome here – not destructive.

@AnimaterCreator, can you send me the link to the site in question so I can test this on my end?

Popups initiated by user action (ie clicking a button or link) probably are not blocked since Javascript initiates the request in response to you.

A sneaky trick some sites use is an invisible layer with asomething like style=“position:relative; width:100%; height:100%; top:0px;” and some sort of onClick() function to generate a new window.

I would like it if Brave interrupted “new Tab” and “new Window” calls and request permission, possibly with a “always allow from this site” option.

This is already possible on Brave in:
Settings --> Advanced --> Privacy/Security --> Site Settings --> Pop-ups and redirects

Yes, i’ll send it over

You are very good at discerning. That is definitely accurate.

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You can enable the “block scripts” shield to stop them but the site may not work since it blocks all scripts.

I create websites and to be honest, it is bad programming to force popups without notice.

As for the browser, it would be cool if you could view recently executed scripts and block specific scripts from executing :+1: