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I’m VERY new to Brave, and trying to understand Ad Blocking, as it pertains to Brave. I’ve been using Safari since it’s inception, and have installed and used various ad-blockers over the years. Most recently, I’ve been using the pay-for 1Blocker, which blocks 100% of all ads.

I’ve read about Brave Rewards, and how it works, but with it turned on or off, I’m still getting a ton of ads, on every site that I visit. Does Brave have the ability to remove/eliminate 100% of ads, if that’s the option that I’d like? Or, does Brave only limit the number of ads that are viewed, when Rewards are activated? I like the idea of Brave Rewards, but I’d like to see what a page looks like when Brave removes all ads, if it has that capability.


Thanks for reaching out and for using Brave, @TallTrees.

Brave Ads is not appears on the webpage (like current ‘traditional ads’). Brave Ads displayed as system notifications. So you can have both Shields and Rewards (Ads) enabled.

By default, Brave blocks 3rd party ads and trackers. So, if you see an ads not blocked, feel free to let us know and create a post under #support-and-troubleshooting:ad-blocking category.

You can learn more about Brave Shields here

Thanks for the response. I’d previously read all of that.

As mentioned on the Brave website, it states:

Out of the box, Shields protects you by:
• Blocking most ads and the trackers that come with them

However, Brave is not an ad block like 1Blocker, AdBlocker Plus, AdGuard, uBlock, etc., is that what you’re telling me? If I want to completely block 100% of ads, I need to install one of the above mentioned AdBlockers?

If I may chime in here, I think I get what OP is asking. Brave does indeed have a built-in adblocker but you must understand not all ads are the same. Ads come from many different sources.

AdGuard for example is a VPN which essentially blocks ads before they even have a chance to reach your device. AdGuard DNS servers are free but their ability to block system wide ads is a paid service.

Brave is more similar to uBlock Origin, which is an extension which runs a script that uses filters to block MOST ads, but only within that browser. You want to know why some ads are still getting through the Shields, yes? These shields are still a work in progress so they aren’t 100% accurate, but you can tweak the settings to your liking and also use extensions like uBlock Origin & Privacy Badger for additional coverage.

Keep in mind Brave for desktop is more suited for this. Brave for Android is still in beta development so they haven’t worked all the kinks out yet :wink:

This page explains how to mess with the shield settings:

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@doctorowl, thanks for sharing that page, as I had not seen it. It’s clarified a lot, and I now have a better understanding for what Brave does and how it works.

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