Ad appears in Yahoo Mail

I was looking forward to using Brave for the first time, but when I logged on to Yahoo Mail there was an ad at the top of the emails. This was very disappointing as I do not get this with Vivaldi.

Hello @JW01, thank you for letting us know about this. What kind of device and OS do you use? Have you checked your shields are still ON? If so, please set them in aggressive mode under shields > advanced controls > block trackers and ads > aggressively block trackers and ads. Hope it helps. Regards.

@JW01 In the future, try to post any issue regarding adblocking in the adblocking category. I’ll move yours over there now, but definitely helps if you post in the right area. Equally important is that you don’t delete the template that they show when you create. We need you to provide the proper information. That said, I’m going to ask you to provide some details.

  • What are your Shield settings set at?

  • What version of Brave are you using?

  • Can you try to go to SettingsShieldsContent Filtering and enable Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List and then let us know if you still have issues?

  • If still have problems, try to right click on the ad and click on Inspect. It should open Elements in the dev tools. Provide a screenshot of that. It will be something like you see below:

Thanks for your reply.
It’s a Windows 10 laptop and Shields are already set to Aggressive mode.
Interestingly, when I log on to Yahoo the ad is there but when I open and close an email it’s gone

Thanks for your reply.
Shields are set to Aggressive.
Brave version 1.46.140.
I have made the Content Filtering changes with no obvious difference.
I don’t know how to take a screenshot of the element because it a) occupies the top right hand part of the screen and b) needs to be scrolled. As far as I am aware Brave does not have a screenshot feature like Vivaldi and PrtSc does not handle scrolling.
But, as I mentioned in my previous reply and had not noticed before, when I open and close an email the ad disappears.

Hello again @JW01, as @Saoiray mentioned before its necessary for us to see a screenshot Inspect > Elements so we can identify if the issue its because of Brave or is an advertisement that belongs to that page itself. Regards.

It doesn’t need ALL of the text you see. When you right mouse click and do Inspect, it will show the code but you’ll see some highlighted. The highlighted text is the code related to what you just inspected. That’s pretty much what’s useful.

In any case, let me tag in @fanboynz and see if he can better guide you, if he might be able to figure it out himself, or where we might stand.

Inspect items could help, not a regular user of yahoo here.

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