Active Title Bold Weight Settings

I noticed a feature request open on the github repo and wanted to get some more opinion on it. I understand that a lot of people want a lot of things and deliverables can change based on priority, especially when it comes to minor appearance changes.

But, there is feature request open on the github repo about changing the weight of an active tabs title. Is this something the community can benefit from? Or is is so small that development efforts wouldn’t be worth it?

Would like the core team and the communities opinion on this.

My opinion is the default currently (I am on windows running the desktop os) is more than enough to determine and distinguish between an active tab and a inactive tab):

cheers :slight_smile:

Does it not already do this in the latest release? It appears to do so on my Ubuntu 20.04 install.

Screenshot from 2020-12-13 18-44-58

It’s working on Windows 10 too.

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It does bold the title of the active tab but the open issue is requesting functionality that allows the user to change the weight of the text itself by adding an option in the appearance settings.