Active tiles (links) not working on webpage


I visited It consists of active tiles, but the links behind it do not work in Brave. Tiles do change colour (darken) when you hover over it with the mouse cursor, but the mouse cursor itself does not change to indicate an active link. If you click on the tiles nothing happens. Interestingly, the links at the bottom of the page (normal text links) do work.

I use Brave on Windows 10. Shield settings are set tot Block Adds, Block 3rd Party Cookies, Block 3rd Party Fingerprinting, HTTPS Everywhere enabled, Block Phishing/Malware enabled, Block Scripts disabled.


This is the same on my computer. When you right-click a tile at and choose ‘open in new tab’ the tile will open. I checked with and without block 3rd party fingerprinting and this not make a difference.


Yes, I noticed in the meantime that opening in a new tab/windows does open the link. Probably something wrong then with the tiles / website itself, and not a Brave issue. I discovered it half an hour after my post and tried to remove the ticket, but this was not possible unfortunately. Thanks for your reply.

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