Active tab non responsive when screen turns on after time out

This started to happen with my Dell Inspiron 5570 laptop a few months ago and I thought it was something wrong with the trackpad. Then it started to happen on my custom workstation, then it started to happen on my HTPC a day ago.

My computers are set to turn off the monitor after a few minutes, but never hybernate/sleep. Whenever the monitor wakes from time out and I have Brave open and in focus, the active tab does not respond to scrolling, clicking, etc. If I click another tab, it works just fine and if I click another tab, then click back to the previous active tab, it starts working fine. In addition, if I click, scroll the active tab just after the screen turns back on, which won’t respond, then click another tab then back to the non-responsive tab, all of the actions that were made when non-responsive have been carried out. In other words, even though the tab that’s active after the screen turns back on doesn’t appear to respond to clicks and scrolls, it actually is, but it seems that Brave is not re-drawing or refreshing the screen to show the actions - the actions only start to display again after switching to another tab and back again.

All of my computers run Windows 10 x64 (Pro for the workstation and home for the laptop). The laptop is running 2004 while the other computers running 20H2. The workstation has a Gefore RTX 3080, the HTPC has a Gefore 1080Ti and the laptop has Intel Integrated Graphics 620.

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