Activation link functionality could (should?) be simplified


I’ve registered to the forums only today and already I’m providing some valuable feedback :smiley:
Brave community have a really strange (IMHO) feature - after registration, the link is sent to email for activation. This is something widely accepted as a practice - all good. However, when user clicks on this activation link, he is not automatically validated. Instead, one needs to click one more time to chose a single link on the validation page: validate. This one additional step can be easily avoided - if one clicks on activation link found in email, it’s kind of logical that the intention is to activate by clicking the link itself.

By no means is this a big deal. However, it is an annoyance and for a product that has a community of users behind it, one would expect the as smooth of a ride as possible; hence my post.

I’ve already registered and activated, so I don’t mind that much… But being in an industry where a lot of attention is put into products and how they function, I had an urge to share.


I see your point, but I think this not made for more comfortably way to validate, instead to have one step further against the bots.

Because it’s not impossible to do this, but is connected with more work to implement to click on a button, and so a bunch of the script-kiddies are defeated already.

Our community ninja @Saoiray may know it even better than me.

Greetings LxWulf :penguin: :wolf:

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Hi LxWulf,

Well, then I’m grateful for not having a captcha there :slight_smile:


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And yeah, I’m guessing it’s as LxWulf said. I honestly don’t remember it having that design from when I created my last account. It’s possible and probable they changed things up a bit due to the amount of scammers and bots we’ve had here.

Just like in the same token, users can’t initiate DM anymore because it was being used by scammers to pretend they were from Brave and got people to provide their wallet seed phrases and stuff.

As always, much of the things that inconvenience us are because a bunch of people ruined it for us through their actions.

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