Action needed on this Facebook page: Fake or Legit?

They are claiming there is a Google partnership with BAT and to celebrate they’re asking $BAT and promising huge return.

I’ve reported it already, but I guess a mass report would make Facebook do a quick resolution.

I suggest it’s time to verify the true Brave and BAT pages to avoid confusion from users and being baited by these kind of schemes.

The owner of the page I think is a good psychologist:

  1. The owner actively shares articles related to BAT and Brave making it looks very legit
  2. They are usng fake Facebook accounts or he has fellas working with him claiming they indeed tried sending $BAT and receive a huge return.

The page is:


Stop using facebook.

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It’s the most used social media here despite those recent news of privacy breaches.

Please report these often. We will do the same. Thanks for flagging.

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