Achieved a new milestone this is the maximum BAT's I have received by watching ads

After using Brave for more than 3 months from now this is the maximum estimation of reward I collected by viewing ads. Satisfied with this browser in all of the features it includes.
Thank You Brave…


Are you one the latest build? Cause if you are not then this is probably a bug.

Latest build? which version is the latest build?

1.25.xx is the latest build.

Yes, this is the latest one so I guess it’s not a bug then.

What’s the latest build version?

I didn’t face this type of situation

You were right there was a bug now its reduced to 5

How many profile or device are you using?
You can only Link to 3 to 4 device or profiles to 1 verify uphold account.

Ah you’re using beta version. Isn’t that the unstable one?

congratulations on doing well :slight_smile:

What are the thousands of ads?
There is no mistake here.
He has a counter error that has been fixed.

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If this happens, then you will not be able to request a reward or will not receive payment to the wallet.
Your browser is flagged.
What kind of bug or trick can we talk about.

Wish i was having a good run like that :roll_eyes: :joy:

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your advice made me remember this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::
youtube- i’m a pretty lousy president

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Yah my bad, I just realized too.

thanks for the advice !

I stored my 24 words key, but now I need to recovery into another computer but when i enter into “brave rewards” icon → “manage your wallet” (gear icon) → Restore
and paste my 24 words, the system came back with message:
“Please re-enter keys or try different keys.”

I don’t have different keys… just those 24 that I saved when I create the reward wallet.

What am doing wrong?

Bhai Ads option off kr use ke bad wapis on kr on hojaga
aur end of month me unke ads nahi aathe starting 15 din aate

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