Account verified on Uphold months ago but still unable to receive mobile tips

I’ve had a publisher account registered on Uphold since July, but mobile users are still unable to tip my YouTube, with the rewards saying “user is not yet verified”, while it works on desktop.

I’ve verified this on my device running 1.19.2.

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Same is the case with me.It appears as verified in the desktop but not in the phone.
Anyone help me with this.

@Sebon I have already done that, 3 months ago. The desktop browser reflects that, but mobile does not.

Thanks for writing in @Mojopro. When you have a moment, can you update to 1.20? I can try sending you a test tip.

Updating appears to have worked! I’ll let people know, as we have a new season of our series on the channel and turned off monetization in favor of encouraging tips. for anyone interested.

@steeven i have the same issue it worked before but since a month or so it stoped working on twitter and youtube, i got the newest version of Brave on my phone but its still not working.

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