Account under review,why?

dear admin

why my account still under review at now ??

i’ve send screnshot my transaction from another people to proof if iam buying bat from many people but why no respons still at now ??

iam really hard work to get reward bat like promote refferall link and make some article in my blog,at my dashboard u can look i got 69 download and 32 installed but why just 3 confirmed ??

i hopes u can solve this issue because iam getting bat from buying,reward browser,and from reffrelal link promotions…

Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions

That means, so far, only 3 users that use Brave for minimally 30 days.

yeah admin thx for ur respect and i wan ask why my account under review ??

iam hard work doing to promote brave ana u can look my dashboard i’ve 69 download 32 confirmed…

iam getting bat from buying another people in the group fb+from refferal program,i hope i can acces my account agains…


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