Account under review (second time)

Hi. Last month my account was blocked on the date of payment. I have contacted the support and provide evidence of how I have received the tips. After that my account was unblocked. Support said that I will receive the contribution next month. I decided to be careful till the next month and I did not share the link for brave download to to many people. This month same thing happend. Today on 9th of april my account is under review. Can someone plese help me and give me some answers? This month my request number is 10781 @eljuno @sampson @Asad


Which type of evidence they ask you to provide??

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They did not specified the type. Only if I have the proof of how I’ve recived the tips. I assume that the problem was in the way that I’ve shared the installer(not the ref link but my own dropbox link). I have swimming club website and I have provided the screenshots of emails where I’ve shared the link with all the people on my contact list.

Hello @Asad can you help?

Why the admins do not reply? Does that mean that I will have to wait another month? Still waiting for february tips. @Asad