Account Suspensions in my book

Brave suspend my account and i dont do nothing wrong, i made a book about cryptocurrency and i give it for free, and put my Brave link on the book, so the people can use it and i earn money like that. Now i will need to delate my book, take it out from amazon, stop recomend Brave . I use brave from the beggining and i like it, but i dont like this, they suspend account 2 days before the pay day.

And i made a board game to, and i almost put brave in the manual, i dont put it on the cards because i neves found how to talk to the people of brave.

My book on spanish is this one, link on the page 35

And if you whant to see the board game that i almos print, go to

Please DM me the email linked to your account. Thank you.

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