Account Suspensed 2Months

Hello, i live in Africa and i started to use brave referral since 2018. At first i just used to refer people on groups… early January 2020 i opted to go for paid ads… Google and Bing Ads… The returns were quite good since i had made a chart of every month performance and average results. Until late i have not had any issues with Brave. I used to pause ads when competition was high and continue when its low. In October i launch my campaign and everything was going well i spent like 2000$ on ads. Early November i received more than 1300 Keywords recommendations from Microsoft Ads. I mistakenly applied all of them at once. As my ads was in momentum the keywords started running immediately before i could even filter them. After a moment i received an email from Brave saying my account got suspended for brand bidding…on checking up on my ad… little did i know there were brave keywords that got applied from the many recommendations i got. by then i had spent 500 bucks in like 3 days… It wasn’t my intention to break any Brave Policy. I sent support email to suspensions @ brave. com explaining my situation… they told me to email brand-bidding support. I emailed them until today i have not heard anything from them. its been exactly 60 days now no reply. Kindly @sampson or any admin who can help look into my case i will really appreciate . Total in October and November I have spent like 2500$. This is really stressing me. I have expected earnings of approximately 7500$+.

here are my stats for october… :sleepy:
i had paused ads 1 month competition was high… on october i launched to test and i managed to get good results.
I’m really really depressed right now

Hey. I have almost the same problem as you. I spent several thousand dollars promoting Brave through Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc. I was wrong with bing just like you and got a lot of traffic the next day, including some brand keywords. And now my account has been blocked for about two months, with about 50 thousand bats on his account.
It’s a shame that Brave is making decisions like this just to ignore us. Good affiliate programs never do anything like this. In a similar situation, affiliate programs usually issue a warning and unblock the account. Moreover, for a rather long time before that, I brought many new users (thousands). And now I feel deceived, because the affiliate program has ended and Brave, apparently, has no motivation to somehow sort out this issue.

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Lets be patient… admins will reply here with a way foward.

@Rasmoat please DM me the email linked to your account and I will look into it.

Closing the thread as Suspensions are not discussed on Community.

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