Account suspended? please help me

My account is suspended, can someone help me? Because I think there’s a misunderstanding here

What did you do? And what happened to the BAT you earned?

brave for that I bid and run ads. But I didn’t do that, I asked my friends to download brave using the link I sent. And now I don’t know who to help?

Cause i have many invites, i’m scared that my efforts would be a waste. It’s hard to please someone to download. @steeven Sir can you help us with this?

I post to forums, and everyone downloads because I tell anyone who downloads can talk to me through the browser. People do this a lot

I worked hard for the past month, but got locked out so I was very sad

Me too i’ve been asking my random teammates on Call Of Duty(COD) Mobile to download brave. So that i could gain some money to feed my self.

you are so smart, now i just hope brave give me my account back because it helps me and my mom to cover my life this month

@steeven please help me

Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions