Account STILL Flagged After Almost a Year Waiting!

Hi guys my account is STILL flagged after almost about a year of waiting for it to be unflagged, what’s going on?!?!?

Would appreciate a fix for this please!

I think you should reset your wallet.

Raise a ticket at

That will be as a raised appeal, its totally at brave’s discretion to whether reinstate your account or not.

Please DM your ticket number once created. @Ziggyop

Thank you!

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Hi Evan, sorry I’m contacting you on a different thread, I can’t figure out how to DM you. I made a thread on the 22nd of december and then christmas came around so i forgot to look in the thread again for a while and now it is deactivated, I made a ticket request now, the ticket is 176233


This is because they took away the ability for Users to initiate DM. You can read about that at NOTICE: Changes to Community Direct Messaging. Basically, we had a lot of people coming here pretending to be Support and scamming. Some lost thousands of dollars with of crypto.

Btw, @Ziggyop, as can see I reopened your topic and moved your comment/post over to it so it can continue where had been working. Also will tag in @Evan123 in hopes he can follow-up with you this week on your ticket 176233


Hey! You should see a recent response on the ticket. Thanks again!

My account is still flagged and it has been at least 6 months… getting a little out of hand.

@criggs8 Well, you saw the answers given to person above. So go file the support ticket.

I’ve submitted many tickets and haven’t gotten a response. That’s why I am asking if there is another way.

No, no other way. I mean, as this same thread shows, providing ticket numbers helps. Such as when Ziggy shared, Evan looked into the ticket and was able to resolve it.

I’m assuming you’re already doing this, but like to make sure to say it as there’s been a lot of times people look and realize they missed it…but make sure you’ve also been checking your Spam/Junk folder. A lot of times, Support emails can get stuck there. If you’ve been emptying Spam/Junk without checking, it’s always possible that a response got lost without you realizing it in the past 6 months. Once they respond, they don’t keep sending follow-up emails. It just sits there waiting for your response.

Again, not saying they sent it or you haven’t been checking, just learned to make sure to say that just in case person didn’t think of it (which have been plenty).

Beyond that, I’d create your own topic here sharing that you’ve had a flagged account for a while, created tickets, provide ticket numbers, and share the dates you made the tickets. This will permit Support to look into it for you.

I say make your own topic because it helps not get things mixed together and can improve the likelihood of getting help.

Dming you for your ticket number. Thanks!