Account Statement in Brave does NOT match payments made to Uphold?

Just a question / curiosity … and perhaps the answer is that the account statement is not working correctly … BUT … enquiring minds want to know.

In June, the Monthly Statement available in the desktop version of Brave shows that a payout of 4.000 BAT, but Uphold wallet only shows transactions totaling 2.421 BAT coming in.

In May, the reverse is true … the desktop statement shows 1.500 BAT paid out, while Uphold shows a total of 2.380 received.

Now, mind that the situation is more complicated in that there are more than one incoming transaction shown in Uphold each month … consistent with the fact that more than one device is linked to the wallet. So the “total” is not going to be a match to the desktop statement … BUT … there is no correlation at all. No transaction or subtotal lines up.

Frankly, I’m a bit dismayed that accounting of how BAT are received, credited, disbursed, etc. is incredibly obfuscated. On the desktop at least, one can review the past 7 days of Ads that have been offered up and get a feel if the count makes sense. No such capability exists for the mobile version. As such, I can’t really tell whether the “viewed an ad” count is truly accurate but it often feels off based on loose counts I’ve tried to do over a series of days / weeks.

That’s just one problem. Another is that without any sense as to the VALUE of each ad, or even the aggregate total of ads in BAT is impossibly opaque to figure out, and often seems to be haphazardly assigned. There are months that I’ve gotten large payouts, and months with vastly smaller number of BATs received, and anecdotally, the number of ads viewed is not that different from one month to the next. Certainly not big enough to account for the wide swings that I’ve seen.

Finally, the last two months saw BAT payouts drop sharply, so I can only assume that the payout “per ad” is VERY MUCH smaller than it was previously. From other threads, it appears there is wide variation on ad value, but the whole process just feels terribly random.

At the end of the day, I’ll say that getting ANYTHING in return for having been fed ads is better than the NOTHING that any other browser provides. I do not feel confident lately that I’m receiving all the BATs I’m supposed to. Given the above opacity, there doesn’t appear to be a way to determine what “supposed to” is since information is either unavailable, makes no sense, or is uselessly non-specific.

Value is being generated somewhere. The advertisers are giving up $$ to have their ads served up. The users browsing with Brave are supposed to benefit from that in the form of BAT payments. What assurance do I have that the $$ that are not being misdirected? As of the end of last year, there are over 20 Million users of this browser. That’s a lot of potential $$ each month that are going to the users. I’m not making any accusations of impropriety here, but I’m also not being provided with any way to verify I’m getting my fair share?

Like I said, something is better than nothing, but lately, that something amounts to a paltry sum. Looks to me like an ad view is worth something like one-hundredth (0.01) of a BAT at best, and BATs are worth about $0.50 (at present) … so basically, I’m getting --maybe-- one good cup of coffee’s worth of value each month. Does that seem like a fair trade / value for my time?

The above rant aside … can we get some better tracking and accountability data regarding our ad counts, the value of those ads, the BAT payouts, etc. so that I can answer the rhetorical question of value posed above??

Thank you for your response.

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