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Just installed Brave, but i am unsure what would happen if my device is lost. I don’t see how i would restore the browser on a new device with all settings i have chosen for current device.

I have linked a few other devices and sync as well as settings, but as a stand alone device it seems i would lose everything and have to start again.

I have created a wallet and saved the seed words accordingly, but again i am unsure if this would restore how i have initially setup my Brave Browser, should i lose said device.

Any help to understand best practice setup would be appreciated.

I am personally confused about it.

As far as I know, the sync does not work as backup, but only works as sync. Meaning for a standalone browser the sync will not be able to get your data back if you uninstall the standalone browser.

It always needs a secondary browser. So when you uninstall the first browser, the second browser can be used to get data for the new third re-installed browser.

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Thanks for the reply, i am still no the wiser after further research myself. Its really making me want to not continue using, due to my lack of clarity. Really want to get away from the main stream options, but its clearly more difficult than i thought.

I currently have 6 devices, all sync together, which in theory should mitigate to some degree?

All i can think is have 1 device that i never use locked away to recover my data, i cant think of anything else other than look elsewhere.

If it is 6 devices, they all should work in tandem rescuing if one device is left out (uninstalled and then re-installed).

I did not understand your last statement.

If not synced to other devices and you do not perform manual backups that you then save somewhere, you’re right.

If you mean Brave Wallet, then as long as you keep that phrase safe, you’d be able to restore it on any other instance of Brave. Just keep in mind Brave Wallet is different than Brave Rewards or your settings within Brave browser. You likely will have nothing on Brave Wallet unless you spend money to buy crypto or have something sent to it.

When speaking of sync, don’t forget the code changes daily. So you can’t place it somewhere safe and expect it to work later. The official notice from Brave is as follows:

Warning: Brave does not officially support using the Sync code as a backup and you should not rely on this continuing to work in to the future. Use the export functionality in bookmarks and the password manager instead.

That’s only referencing Sync and not about Wallet, which is something different.

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