Account permissions


@SIR we haven’t looked deep on that problem yet, but we are going too. Unfortunately we cannot reproduce it, so any more info is really appreciated. Thanks.


@SIR would you mind to try a test version on your problem device if I give you a link on direct apk to download?


@SIR here is the link Thanks and let me know please.


@Serg Sorry, same happens with the test version:

05-03 06:27:45.276 3286 5256 W SyncManager: Access to Account {name=xxxxxx@xxxxxx,} denied for package com.brave.browser in UID 10066

05-03 06:27:45.308 3286 3286 W AppOps : Bad call: specified package com.brave.browser under uid 1000 but it is really 10066

05-03 06:27:45.309 3286 3286 V NotificationService: notifications are disabled by AppOps for com.brave.browser


@Serg We are one step closer: It is a permission problem with contacts because I only enabled one time the access to my contacts in permissions setting at App-Info for Brave (look at the screenshot), enabled sync and no notification appears. And now after again disabling the access to my contacts the problem is gone. This evening I will test it with a fresh installation of Brave and we will see if the access notification is back.


@Serg Now after a fresh installation of the latest version (from play store) I can’t reproduce this problem. I am confused…


@SIR do you have the Contacts permission enabled on a fresh latest version?


Hey @SIR I updated the link above for the test version, could you please try it again if you can reproduce that. I removed the Contacts permission at all, as it is not needed for brave to access you system accounts. Thanks.


Hello @Serg again. It is a miracle, the problem is gone at all, with the official play store version and also at your link. But I think without contacts permission in Brave is the best choice. Maybe @strangelove and @jedf can confirm it with your version linked above. Or we wait until the next official play store release and wait for any comments?


Thanks @SIR. @someuser, @rcoh, @strangelove, @jedf could you try that link please?


hi, i just installed it - it again asked for permissions to my google accounts after rebooting


@strangelove hi, is it possible to do a “fresh” installation? And what happens if you switch off/on account sync?


it will be possible, but just after i read the “:D” (1xx) open tabs i currently have (i guess they would get lost?)

i disabled “auto-sync data” in the account settings (Android 7.1.1, is that the setting you meant?) and noticed the following:

  • it will still ask for permission to google accounts after a reboot (i denied)
  • right after i re-enabled it the permissions will be requested again, also without a reboot
  • i tried disabling and immediately re-enabling and it will again ask for permissions
    so like this the problem is reproducible…


@strangelove ya don’t do the fresh install if you wanna keep your data. I’ll dig more on that soon. Thanks.


ok, i did the following now:

  • read all my open tabs
  • uninstalled brave
  • rebooted (wasn’t asked for any permissions)
  • installed brave, from play store, but did not open it
  • rebooted (wasn’t asked for any permissions)
  • opened brave, loaded random website
  • rebooted, problem back, brave asks for permissions to all google accounts


I installed Brave from the play store on my Nexus 6P (running 7.1.2) this morning and went to two or three sites on it. Then this evening I rebooted my phone and when it was done booting I had two “Permission requested” notifications, one for each of my two Google accounts.


Same issue here. I can easily reproduce by triggering account sync. Either by sync now or disable/enable sync.
Running Brave 1.0.21 from play store on Lineage OS 7.1.2


@strangelove @nobled @rognales would you mind to try a test version with possible fixes about account permission request


I installed this version and rebooted my phone and still had the permission request.


It seems to be coming from Android’s Account Manager when identity permission is requested. I’m more interested in knowing why Brave is requesting it, how/what it’s used for, and where the data is transmitted to if collected.

Being a somewhat privacy-oriented browser, it’d seem it shouldn’t ask for such permission unless there’s a good reason to do so.