Account permissions


Just wondering why Brave for Android is requesting Google account access permissions?


Hi @someuser. We cannot replicate that unfortunately. Do you have any steps how we can see that?



@serg I’m not sure. After dismissing it disappeared until I went into the account settings. However, this didn’t work consistently.

After a reinstall I haven’t seen it pop up once… :confused:


Ya, unfortunately we see such reports sometimes from customers, but we don’t have exact steps yet to figure it out.


@serg Well, it was back in full force. Is there any reason the app would need full account access? I denied it for now, I guess I shall see if it returns (which it hasn’t, yet).


@someuser It shouldn’t ask, we have to remove that.


@serg Thanks for the update, wasn’t sure if there were any lost functionality. Just seemed strange from a privacy standpoint.


This is happening to me. One possible note is I have 2 google accounts configured in case that’s related.


I have two as well and no problems. We are going to investigate that deeper very soon.


it just happened to me too, after a reboot brave requested permissions to all of my three google accounts…


I see the same alert every time I reboot my phone saying “The following one or more apps request permission to access your account, now and in the future. * Brave”

I’m using a Nexus 5x running Android 7.1.2


Same here, BQ Aquaris M5, LineageOS 14.1, everytime I enable sync.

Logcat says after deny:
04-14 09:52:31.401 W/SyncManager(3172): Access to Account {name=xxxxxx@xxxxxx,} denied for package com.brave.browser in UID 10066
and later
04-14 11:09:51.742 I/notification_enqueue(3172): [1000,3172,com.brave.browser,2,NULL,0,Notification(pri=0 contentView=null vibrate=null sound=null defaults=0x0 flags=0x0 color=0xff607d8b vis=PRIVATE),0]
and later
04-14 11:09:51.745 W/AppOps (3172): Bad call: specified package com.brave.browser under uid 1000 but it is really 10066

Maybe that helps


@Serg: any news about this problem?


@SIR thanks for the logcat, but unfortunately it is a system SyncManager, are you able to filter by brave process and look what does Brave says? In your logcat above it would be a command ‘pid:10066’ in AVD. Thanks.


@Serg Nothing else I can found in logcat. It happens only when disable and then enable sync without opening Brave.


@SIR what do you mean by enable/disable sync? From where?


@Serg I mean syncing accounts (calendar, contacts…). I only activate it at Wifi and deactivate it while mobile data are enabled (with Automagic). And everytime Wifi connection is up (and sync on) Brave ask for access to my google account without opening Brave.

PS: same happens when Wifi (and sync) is on and rebooting the device


@SIR could you please tell more? :). Do you use some third party apps to enable syncing on WiFi only? Thanks.


@Serg Most time syncing activation is done by Automagic. But it also happens without Automagic everytime I enable syncing via settings menu or the syncing tile.
AND it also happens if WiFi is off, mobile data on and syncing is switching on. No matter if WiFi or mobile data is on. The only “trigger” is activation of syncing.


@Serg Same with the latest update :cry: