Account permanently flagged for "irregular activity"

Hi, I have not received January rewards and have contacted one of the moderators here with details. The moderator has answered that my wallet has been flagged for good for “irregular activities,” I am not sure what that phrase means or entails, but a couple of weeks ago I connected my Uphold account to another Brave Browser installed on my workplace pc. If that is the case and the reason for flagging, I believe multiple browser connections are allowed, no?

i couldn’t say for certain but some things I have seen called irregular activities are:

using a vpn to access ads meant for another region.

messing with internal files to have more than one browser instance with the same wallet id. (usually this is for unverfied wallets)

using automation to receive ads when you aren’t actively browsing.

I’m sure there are others though.

If that is the case, then it means they did an investigation and determined you were blatantly doing something you shouldn’t. It was bad enough that they are then telling you it’s permanently flagged and your account won’t be usable.

They will not disclose the reason behind it. The reason why is they don’t want to educate anyone on the things they track and flag, as it would help those doing wrong to better evade notice. Therefore you’ll never know the reason why.

Not sure if that’s smart or not. Overall you’re saying that the device you’re installing it on belongs to you and you’ll abide by policies while that’s in use. If your PC is used by others, you have no idea what other people might be doing. You also don’t know what restrictions or modifications to things like your network might be done by your IT department. Yet no matter what’s done, you’d be the one responsible.

Yes, as long as they are your devices and all of the Terms of Use are followed.

@ashcan I’m curious. Did you use the same Brave Rewards wallet id on your home computer and work computer, or are they different? If so, I could see where this may get your account flagged, especially if they happened to be in use at the same time.

I don’t have any helpful information, just curious. Please feel free to ignore me. :grin:

yes, they are my devices and they are not used by none other but me, protected with password and all. The moderators’ revealing the reason for flagging (they could explain via dm right?) would not be educating me or flagged others for allegedly we have already committed such “blatant” actions, so your reasoning does not ring with me. We should be offered a chance for appeal and revision, I would not take case my here, write these long threads if I really tried to manipulate the system.

Yes, the same account. The simultaneous use of the both computers is not possible, I guess. I sometimes put my home pc on hibernation and go to work, maybe that is the reason.

@ashcan Well, that’s just how things are. I’ll quote directly as been said by Brave:

Unfortunately, the more we explain (publicly) about what log errors/entries mean, the more information fraudulent users (of which there are many) learn and, subsequently, are able to more successfully game the system. This is the same stance we take as to why we don’t tell users the exact reasons their wallets were flagged, or a Creators account was suspended.

You may disagree with that and wish they’d say something different, but that’s just personal preference. I’m just commenting on “reality” and the things that have been explained in greater detail.

Again, not my reasoning or anything. Just me repeating what has been said and explaining how it works.

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Not sure if Chocoholic is going to get to you here, but just FYI, if you were running two duplicate browsers then it would be flagged. By that it means you just copied it over to a disk and then moved it to a new computer. But if you downloaded directly from the website or whatever and then just linked it to Uphold or whatever, that’s something different.

@ashcan As mentioned, two devices using one Brave Rewards id would probably get your account flagged. I don’t know why they would permanently ban you though if you explained your actions in detail. I can see how on the work computer, IT departments being the way they are, it might have been a pain to get approval to directly download and install from the web. It would be easier to just copy over if allowed by your company.

Maybe you could continue your discussion via DM with a moderator, explain in more detail if you haven’t already, and ask if removing one device and reinstalling Brave/Brave Rewards would get your ban removed. Of course, I don’t know what other issues they are looking at… may be other things that triggered the ban.

Just curious again though, do you have “Continue running background apps when Brave is closed” toggled on in brave://settings/system?

No, I have not "copied it over a disk and then moved it to a new computer. " Downloaded directly from the Brave website. I hope a moderator reaches out to me or the moderator I messaged replies back. Thanks for your help by the way.

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Had no problem from directly downloading and installing from the web, no IT interference. And yes, the toggle is on. Would that be the culprit?

thanks for the info.

@ashcan Yeah, hopefully they can get it figured out for you. Wish we could do more, but when it comes to flagged accounts and all, it’s limited to staff. I’m glad you got a DM into them as that’s how they’ll be able to best help you. I do know from personal experience and observation, they definitely wouldn’t be able to give you any answers here on the forum. It will have to be in DM, if they tell you anything.

Good luck!

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I don’t know but intuitively it seems it might be but intuition probably doesn’t apply when talking about anything Tech. lol

Thank-you for answering my “curious” questions. I am confused about how you have the same Brave Rewards wallet id (if I understood correctly), I thought the only way to have the the same on two different devices is copying over the user data file or the entire brave folder. Dunno. :person_shrugging:

I hope you get a satisfactory resolution to you issue. Thank-you again and good luck! :smiley:

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