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Dear Asad @ Brave

I need your help once again :frowning:
I got an email from brave they say my payments are held altought I am not suspended.
They say they want to talk to me etc.
Can you help me again with this again :slight_smile:
I promote you every day for the Spanish community on FunOntheRide youtube Channel
and that’s why I’m such a good embassador :slight_smile:

Thank you once more for your time and attention

p.s. I never got the merchandising you told me about as compensation last time this happened :slight_smile: just in case :slight_smile:


Hi @FunOntheRide,

Thanks for reaching out! Can you DM me your publisher URL? I can help to take a look.


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wish this helps. I usually solve this problem with Asad is something that happens every 2 monts :slight_smile:
he told me last time IO would have some merchandising as a compensation lol
never got it.
I promote you almost in every video almost more than 1 year now :slight_smile:
thank you very much for your time and attention

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