Account not supported

Hello team ! I post this topic just to look forward to receiving a satisfactory explanation from you
My account has not received any payments for 3 months . In July, my account was unexpectedly suspended for unknown reasons . I have tried to contact the account support team at : . They asked me to provide sufficient evidence to prove that my account was not fraudulent , I have sent everything I have to prove that the account was not fraudulent but did not receive a response from the team about the related issue. I am extremely urgent with the friends you deal with. My account is currently over 10k BAT and I do not receive any support for August payments. I am extremely disappointed that I spent too much money promoting Brave in every media . Therefore, I created this thread, please do not close it and send me a satisfactory explanation. I look forward to your transparency in publisher development now and in the future . Thanks !

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Did you already send your answer for questions asked in email? Then, you can wait. You’ll get an answer after your account be reviewed. Thanks for your patience!