Account limit error [HELP]

Hello, I’m Brazilian and I use brave constantly, I would need help verifying my account to redeem my BATS but when I log in to my verified uphold account, the verified account limit error appears, but I don’t have any verified account on brave. Someone help me?


Please report your Brave Browser version numbers.

You may certainly create a ticket at:

Wallet payment ID would be required in the form and will be found at: brave://rewards-internals/

DO NOT post that personal info anywhere publicly - such as here, at the Brave Community forum.

Re the message - translated thanks to ‘

Error: Device limit reached

Unable to verify your Brave Rewards account, as you have reached the maximum number of verified devices.

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I am uncertain, why you received that message.

Perhaps @SaltyBanana or @steeven will know and explain.

cc: @Saoiray , @Aman_M

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Linking limits were removed. Not sure why that would be showed if you don’t have any verified Brave Rewards. Do raise a support ticket in the link sent by 289wk.

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