Account limit devices reached

I’m contacting support to ask about a issue in the Brave Rewards.
I recently changed my PC and Smartphone at work, and when I tried to connect my Uphold account in the browser Brave, there was an error about the maximum devices used.
I did some research online and found out that the max list is 4.
Sadly, I didn’t find an option to log out old devices, changing my password also didn’t seem to work, which brings me to this question.
Is there a way to disconnect all Brave devices by an admin from Brave, without losing the BAT rewards won in the previous months?
By disconnecting all devices, I will choose carefully what devices to use. Thank you.

Here is the support link to remove old devices.

And here are some screen shots to help.


how to get on 2nd step. I mean where you will get that screen, then 2nd screen shot one

When you log into Uphold, do you see their old dashboard layout or the newly implemented UI?

Uphold shows new one whenever i log in

Thank you for your solution. I followed the exact steps few days ago, and I still cannot connect my new browser.
My question is, How long should I wait?
And also, should I receive something via email, maybe a confirmation?
Thanks again!

It takes several days. I did it a while ago. You do get a notification. I just don’t remember if it was a message here or an email.

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