Account has been under review for months

Account has been under review for months. I still occasionally try to log in but there seems to be no way to confirm that I am a real user. No indication as what the issue is, just flagged for fun. Is there a way to request review other than just waiting?

Version 1.56.20 Chromium: 115.0.5790.171 (Official Build) (64-bit)


United States

@spintiff You should try to always make sure to Search Before Posting as you would have seen what you should do, then you wouldn’t have created this topic.

Instead, you’d have seen all the instructions in places such as my pinned FAQ, which you can see at Profile has been flagged, which will advise you what you need to do (which is submit a Rewards Support Ticket at

I reviewed the forum prior to posting. Found other posts with the same issue I have been experiencing, which seemed to go without solution, hence my inquiry. While I am thankful for your reply, there really is no need to be so demeening. The first suggestion for contribution is “Be kind to your fellow community members.”

Not being demeaning. It’s a suggestion to look through and it also teaches how, as many have said they didn’t know how to search and sort through things on this site. So just en encouragement on how to get answers.

Spend enough time here and you see way too many people jump straight to posting rather than spending time searching. And for those of us who do spend time helping others, it gets very annoying having to repeat information only because others are too lazy.

Have plenty which get resolved. Big thing is a lot of people come to complain but then they often don’t come back to mark topics as solved or to at least respond to say that their issue has been fixed. But main idea is you’ll see whether it’s any of the official Support people, other users, or whatever…they all get the same response which is to submit a ticket.

Other thing to note, my FAQ is pinned on top on this site. It remains until you read it all or dismiss it.

So anyone visiting this site should be able to see PSA: Current FAQ and would think to click on it. From there it has solutions and instructions for a lot of things surrounding the browser.

Okay, so I’m curious and maybe this is in the FAQ but, as this seems to be an annoyingly common issue, why does Brave not put this link in the initial flag pop up? Why does it state that the user doesn’t need to do anything but the flag will eventually be reviewed, when in fact, they do need to do something.

When I requested this be done over a year ago, it was said they didn’t want to do it because the system really does go through and can remove the flags. I brought up how many said they had it for months or even years without being removed but it was handled when they submitted tickets. To that, they never really made any changes.

Recently, a few of us brought the issue up to Luke Mulks (VP Business Ops) and he said that conversations have been occurring between antifraud, Rewards team, and others on the best way to go about this. But that he acknowledges that it seems things should be handled differently than it has been.

Two things here.

  1. If you speak to Chriscat (aka Miyayes), who is the Product Manager for Rewards, he’ll tell you that the system does automatically review and remove flags for people. It may not happen as much as people wish it would, though.

  2. Running with the above, means you don’t “need to” take any particular action. However, you can submit tickets to appeal it or try to get quicker results.

And reason why topics aren’t helpful is they need personal information like your payment ID and/or your email in order to investigate. These are things which shouldn’t be shared publicly. So the support tickets are the way for them to get the necessary information to investigate.

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