Account flagged no rewards since May

Account flagged. Brave support unflagged account (ticket #205298):

“We have reviewed your case and expect to have your issue fully resolved before next month’s payout. Please note, any missed payment for last month will be included in your August scheduled payout.”

Gemini Integration went down unable to link account. Gemini Integration now up, account flagged again. No rewards since May.

Any help appreciated.

Raise a ticket at

Make sure to share the ticket id here (you’ll get one to your email when you submit the ticket).

see OP above it’s #205298

Oops. @steeven @SaltyBanana please follow up. Thanks so much!

@aibot is your account still flagged?

Yes, account still flagged.

Same with many people. They blame it on tech goofs, but I propose this is a method to delay or avoid payouts. This is ripe fodder for a class action suit for fraud, etc.
How many others are being ripped off right now with basically no recourse? Bait and switch…

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If you haven’t already you’ll receive a reply to your ticket soon. Thank you.