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i had issues with Brave and was trying to get confirmation all my data would be removed and asked how to ensure all data relating to Brave was removed from my pc

for some reason you DELETED my account WITHOUT informing of my requests and NO CONFIRMATION as to what was happening

What sort of person does that with people who are dissatisfied and need answers?



You asked us to delete your account, so we did. You then messaged one of the forum admins to confirm that deleting your account had removed all info about you. I guess my question is: what were you expecting to happen?

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IIRC, I did respond to your request stating that you information would be deleted. I see that you’re using a new account now which, I assume, I will now inevitably have to delete as well.

All posts/account activity you made has been deleted. If you search your user name, nothing will appear besides this thread right here.

Can I go ahead and delete you once again?




Just to clarify,

I did not ask you to delete the account until I had received the information I requested hence the need for the new account

My request was in two parts,

Firstly how do I remove all information and residual files from Brave and its history on my PC, never got an answer to that from another person.

Secondly when my account is deleted can you confirm all my data and information is removed from your site.

If indeed you did respond I never got the email clarifying that you did remove all of my data. If you responded via Brave I never saw the message BEFORE you deleted the account.

I have still not had any response to how I remove all your data from my PC

Once I have the necessary information I will be wanting this account closed please but not before.

sorry for any misunderstanding

Best regards



If you’re using a Windows OS, simply uninstall Brave the same way you would any other program. You will see a prompt when uninstalling asking whether or not you’d like to remove profile/browsing data as well - select “yes” to do so. You have now removed all Brave data from your device.
Note: If there were any residual Brave files they’d be in the ~AppData\Roaming\BraveSoftware directory
and/or the
~AppData\Local\BraveSoftware directory

As for your Community profile, I’d be happy to send you an email with the System log information which confirms your account has been deleted.


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