Account Balance zero? Had 175 BAT, with budget of 20


Hello BAT Community - Fact pattern is as follows:

On 7/18/18, I had 175 BAT in my Account/Wallet here, and a Budget of 20 BAT to be paid out per month to publishers.

Today, 7/20/18, I logged in and it looks like the payout is “Currently Processing”. But also, my account balance shows 0.00 BAT. However, the column that looks like a summation of Total BAT still has my direct contribution + Growth Pool BAT; it just doesn’t foot to the total (which is zero).

Not sure if this is normal, or a bug, but I was a little worried when it asked me to make a contribution today given I already had a reasonable balance from which to fund my budget for the next few months.

Let me know what additional details would help, or if there is nothing to worry about. My concern is just that my total balance was paid out, not my budgeted amount.


Hi @Thargog, thanks for the report. We’ve seen this issue before, but your funds should actually be safe, for it is just a display bug. That said, I strongly recommend that you backup your wallet. (Just go into settings, then backup wallet. It will give you a recovery phrase.)

Here are some Github issues that have been filed for the issue that you’ve encountered, which means it is or will be entering the development pipeline:

Credit to @Mattches for the GH issues.

Also, thank you so much for contributing and being part of Brave Payments. You’re amazing!


chriscat - Thanks very much. Appreciate the quick feedback. Sounds like there’s no issue; i’ll do the backup to be safe.

Thank you!


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