Account balance incorrectly showing zero

Hi, my account balance is as follows:

account balance

20.37 BAT (4.00 USD)
20.00 BAT (expires 1-11-2018)
0.00 BAT (total)

So the total shows 0.00, where it should be 40.37?

Payment isn’t working because Brave shows: “Your account balance is under your budget for this month. Please add funds.”

How should i fix this?

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Hi @jvdhaak

We have an issue logged for this, I’ve added your +1 to it:


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I had this issue too, the balance would show only 5 BAT when the breakdown showed more than that. I fixed it by turning off brave payments, and turning it back on.


Interesting, thanks for that @isasftw! I haven’t reproduced this issue so I can’t try that myself, but @jvdhaak if that works for you let us know!



Thanks for the replies.

Yes, if I turn off and on Brave payments it will show the correct balance after that. However, this only works for a short time. Did that yesterday and got the correct balance, but now it’s show zero again:

So i just repeated that trick, and now it shows a different balance?

Maybe the payment still went through?


Hi @jvdhaak

It looks like it might have. Could you click on the clock icon (next to the gear icon) in your screenshot? This will show a list of your contributions.


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