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Beginner here and clueless about crypto-currency / blockchain. Recently, many received some free BAT from Brave. Do I need to do anything else (like add it to my Wallet) or does the Brave broswer automatically give my included websites BAT tokens?

If I do need to add them to a BAT wallet where do I get one at?

I know, these are super-duper beginner questions but I don’t see anything in the FAQ that tells me this. :slight_smile:

FWIW, I have also pinned a few websites so they get priority in BAT tokens, that is what the Pin button is for correct?


Hi @muzak6

You can see the BAT in ‘Account Balance’ on your screenshot. ‘Monthly Budget’ is the amount you are allocating to go to content creators/publishers. If you wish to add additional funds, you can click on the ‘Add Funds’ button to add to your wallet using BTC, ETH, LTC and of course, BAT. In the future we will be adding the ability to fund your wallet with a credit card, but this is not available yet.

Also, you are correct on the functionality of the ‘pin’ button. The amount that you allocate towards pinned sites can be updated manually. Note, the total of included (pinned and non-pinned) sites always equals 100%, so if you adjust a percentage manually, the others will automatically adjust to compensate.

If you have not already done so, please click on that ‘gear’ icon and backup your wallet. Keep these words safe as we cannot get them for you. If your computer is lost, crashes, etc, you will only be able to recover your Brave wallet with these words.



Nice, I just discovered this!

Really nice that Brave gave away some BAT as it shows beginners how everything is done, so when it’s time to open your wallet and support the sites you want to you already know what to do.

This is great though, great way to support websites/people that I go to on regular basis. :ok_hand:t2:

Thanks for explaining this, you were very clear on everything! :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks for reporting back @muzak6 :smile:

Going to close this thread, please continue to reach out with issues, questions, feature requests.


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